ESD – ESD approved safety shoes and occupational shoes do not only protect the personnel, but also provide protection for components and assemblies at risk from electrostatic energy.

PENETRATION RESISTANCE – The penetration resistance prevents foreign objects from entering through the sole.

REFLECTIVE MATERIAL – Reflective material inserts increase safety in the twilight and the dark.

SLIP RESISTANCE – The shoe is certifi ed according to the highest requirements regarding slip resistance (SRC).

CUT RESISTANT – The shoe has a cut-resistent interlining, which protects the foot againt being cut by sharp-edged materials.

CHAINSAW PROTECTION – Designed with robust materials with high cut resistance, suitable for working with chainsaws.

FLUID IRON / ALUMINIUM – Protection against dripping of molten iron and aluminium.

ORTHOPAEDIC FOOT PROTECTION – The shoe is certified for orthopaedic modifications according to EN ISO 20345/20347 (DGUV 112-191). Your trusted orthopaedic shoemaker/your trusted medical supply store can make a number of orthopaedic changes and inlay soles that meet your needs – without the shoe losing its protective function.